A cats meow!


Litter Robot is by far my cats favorite litter box of all times. It’s always clean for him and doesn’t stink up the whole house. 

Knew it was going to be great!

I have now owned a Litter Robot for about 2 years now. My cats seem to enjoy the fact that it is clean for them every time they use it, unlike a regular litter box, where it only gets clean when their owner does it.
Your cat will love it! What is great is there is a tray on the bottom with a bag inserted that makes it easy to removed. Cleaning couldn’t be any easier!

Theses cats happy faces.


These are my 4 little trouble makers, lol. When switching over from a plain jane litter box to a Litter Robot my cats loved it. And what is really great I don’t have to scoop every 5 minutes, leaving more time to spend with my cats. 

Well now questions I needed answered before I got it:

Will I need to buy special litter? Well the answer to that is No, I buy the same clumping litter I bought for my old litter box.

Is it worth it? Yes! The amount of litter, the Litter Robot saves you is phenomenal. Which means you don’t need to buy it as often.

What if it break or needs repaired? The Litter Robot has a fantastic warranty. Click on the link to check it out: HERE