Potato Salad that is fresh and delicious tasting

Potato Salad Recipe

As a rule, when making potato salad it’s got to be really good. With that in mind, many trial and errors have been made making this perfect tasting salad. In addition, this potato salad has a wonderful blend of sauces along with a great fresh taste. Hence, it is not heavy or thick tasting. But, when made you will that this salad differs from any other potato salad you have made. Other than that, the only way to tell is to try the recipe. So, how about we get started making this fantastic salad and enjoy the savory flavors.

What your going to need:

Makes a lot

5 large Potatoes

6 large Eggs

3 or 4 medium size Celery Stalks

15 slices of Bread and Butter Pickles

3 cups Mayo

⅓ cup of Bread  and Butter Pickle Juice

¼ cup of Mustard

Salt and Pepper

Large Bowl

Cutting Board



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Recipe by fridaysroo.com
Potato Salad in a bowl
What your potato salad will look like when finished.

Let’s start mixing it up:

First of all, you are going to start by cooking the eggs and the potatoes. Now, with the eggs they are going to need boiled for 20 minutes. Then, cool down some and peel shell off when warm. Place in refrigerator to cool some. At the same time, boil potatoes for about 25 minutes or until they are soft to stab with a fork. Now, you can choose whether to have the peel of the potato on or off. However, it really doesn’t effect the taste of the potato salad, other than the consistency. This recipe is made with peel on. With that in mind, let potatoes cool off before using.

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Cutting up ingredients for Potato Salad:

First, you are going to take your cutting board and cut the 5 large Potatoespotatoes up into 1 inch little blocks, they don’t need to be perfect blocks. Just cut up.
Making of potato salad, potatoes in bowl
Potatoes cut, in bowl.


Next, clean off your cutting board. Then, take your 6 large Eggseggs and chop them into mini blocks also.
 6 eggs
Your eggs washed and ready
Making Potato salad cut eggs
Cut up eggs, approximately the size you need










Making Potato salad 4 celery stalks
Chop up celery
15 Bread and butter pickles
Chop up Pickles







Now, after you got your potatoes and eggs chopped up, let’s start chopping up the 3 or 4 Celery Stalks
15 slices Bread and Butter Pickles
celery and pickles. For example, take you celery slice it down the middle and chop them up into little pieces. By the same token, take your pickles and chop them even finer, but not too fine just in little pieces also.
Potatoes, celery, eggs, and pickle chopped up in a bowl
What you should have after chopping.

Making the sauce for potato salad:

Now, making the sauce for the potato salad, is truly a taste test approach. But, this recipe is pretty good with the taste consistency.

So, what you will need is 3 cups mayo
⅓ cup of Bread  and Butter Pickle Juice
¼ cup of Mustard
Salt and Pepper
mayo, pickle juice, mustard, salt and pepper. Next place in a big cup or bowl and mix all together. With attention to, making sure all the mayo is mix evenly. Then, take your bowl of chopped items and pour sauce over them and mix together.
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