Awesome Apple Pie – Made With Real Apples

Apple Pie recipe

Since the dawn of time…. Ok maybe not that far back, but along time ago, one of humanities favorite deserts was born. Apple pie a very historic desert and still a favorite throughout the world. With all the apples we have, it should be made everyday. So lets embark on a journey to learn how to make a delicious homemade apple pie. The ingredients that have been put together, has been past down from generation to generation, with barely any deviations. So lets get started and make one of these delicious and not so hard pies!

Ingredients and supplies you will need for apple pie:

 1 or more of these homemade Pie Crusts

 8 to 10 Granny Smith Apples (depends on size)

 ½ Cup of Sugar and a little bit for the top of pie

 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon and a little bit for top of pie

 A hand peeler and knife or one of these that does both

Old fashion apple peeler and corer.

 Pie Pans

 And some really cool music to listen too!

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4 Delicious apple pies
Four delicious hot apple pies cooling on the stove. While people are patiently waiting to devour them.

Let’s start with these masterpieces:

Okay the first thing your going to want to do is goto how to make the pie crust. Easy made Pie Crust – Flaky Delicious and Wonderful. Then when you get there, here is what you’re going to do. First of all, this recipe is for only one apple pie. With that in mind, if you do want to make more than one just double or triple the recipe. However, let’s start with one.

Make the the Pie Crust – Flaky Delicious and Wonderful as instructed, roll out one crust for the bottom and carefully place it in the pie pan. Gently press the dough into the form of the pie pan, then, use a fork and stab the dough on the bottom of the pie. After that, roll out a second piece of dough for your top layer of the pie. Now you are ready to put the apple pie together.

Lets make apple pie!

Preheat oven to 350º. This part is easy if you have one of those apple peelers shown above, but even if you don’t have one you only need 8 to 10 apples peeled and cored. 8 to 10 Apples Well worth the work in the end. With that in mind, it apple pie making time. Grab your apples and peel the outside skin off with a peeler. After that, slice into small wedges, removing all the seeded parts. Anyone using the device above, this will be all done for you.

Next, place apples in uncooked pie crust as you’re cutting them. You want a heaping amount.

Finally, ½ Cup Sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
take your sugar and cinnamon and even distribute it all over the apples.

Gently mix it through the apples, so that it is not all in one spot. Don’t need to try and get it on all the apples, because when cooking the apples will caramelize and boil, causing it to mix.

Grand finale! 

Place the rolled out dough on top of the apples then seal the edges like this. Take your pointer finger and thumb of your left hand and place near the outside of pie crust. Next, with your right hand place your pointer finger on the insides of the crust. Then carefully make a V with around your pointer finger on your right hand, by pressing slowly with your left hand pointer finger and thumb. Then, continue all the way around the crust until you are finished. Does take some practice, but once you get it, no problem.

Then finally, make 4 small slice in the top so your pie can breathe and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top A little bit of sugar and cinnamon (heavy or lightly your choice). Then place your pie in the oven for 45 minutes. The crust should be golden brown and there should be a little bit of carmelized apple oozing out.

Little friendly tip: You may want to place a flat pan underneath the pie you are cooking, to catch any fluids from falling on the bottom of your stove.

Cook Time: 45 mins