Pretty sweet Flashlight!

Taclite Flash lightSituation, it’s dark out, and you hear noises all around you. But there you are in the dark with no lighter, no electric, and no cell phone. But weeks before this situation happened, you were browsing on Friday’s Roo and you seen a pretty sweet, high-powered flashlight. But you hesitated and didn’t check out what it was all about. So back to your current situation, your left in the dark with no light at all. period!

What you were looking at?

What I have found for my Survival Gear category is the Q5 TACLITE™. A blinding high-powered flashlight stops them noise in the dark. With the new Tech Q5 CREE LED Emitter it really lights up the night. Now you’re wondering what you see over near them trees to the left are, hmm, so you adjust your Q5 TACLITE™ to zoom in on what it is, the zoom is good up to 1100 ft. So now you know what you see, it’s a bear!


Now with a bear in sight, you remember, there is a cabin not far away. You run and with your luck, so does that bear, after you, it’s hungry. It’s getting closer and you’re almost at the door of the old cabin. So you quickly turn around and whip your Q5 TACLITE™ at the bear, and it hits him right in the head, lucky the Q5 TACLITE™ is made of Aircraft grade aluminum construction, cause that thing flew way in the air and landed on the ground. Now safe inside of the cabin the bear finally leaves about an hour later, and that’s because it started to rain. But your Q5 TACLITE™ is still shining bright, it’s soaked but no worry, because it’s stainless and rustproof. Then you return to the cabin and everything is fine.

WAIT!!! Oh that right back to your current situation, where you hesitated to go look at the Q5 TACLITE™ on Friday’s Roo and you are left in the dark with that bear just eyeing you up. DINNER TIME!

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Then the chances of making it to the cabin are great!