EasyPower Solar Powerbank in a hand.

The Solar Savior!

Have you ever been in the situation where your cell phone battery was low or dead? Or how about when you were on that wonderful vacation or get away and your camera battery was dead? How about listening to music or movies on your mini bluetooth speakers and the batteries died? And worst of all there’s no electric where you at? Well here is your answer…..

EasyPower SolarPower Bank.

Now in our search for sweet items to bring to you, we fell upon this gem. If your mobile device has a USB or you can get one for it, it can connect to it. The EasyPower Solar PowerBank also has two way it can charge. You can plug is into an outlet or charge it from the sun. You will get unlimited power for any device that uses USB.

EasyPower Solar Powerbank in a hand.
EasyPower Solar Powerbank

Now when we found this little gizmo we were amazed by how many people put it on there top 10’s as one of the best. Many people had it as a number 1. But what makes this thing so special is the entire front of the EasyPower Solar Powerbank is made from advanced photo-voltaic solar cells. The same Once the photo-voltaic solar cells soak up sunlight, a special processor inside converts it into FREE power.


EasyPower Solar Powerbank wet laying beside tree and rocks


It’s 100% Waterproof: Nothing is worse than a little bit of water ruining a piece of gear you love. To guarantee the EasyPower Solar Powerbank works in any situation they have made it waterproof (up to 23 feet under water).

All the charging ports are protected with rubber stoppers and the entire solar panel and all connection points are completely sealed.

Breathe easy knowing an accidental dunk in a lake or a crazy thunderstorm won’t damage your EasyPower Solar Powerbank.

EasyPower Solar PowerBank back view and side view of tough case
It’s Tough Like A Tank:
Accidents happen…so to help prepare for that they have made this bad boy with all kinds of extra protection on it. For better grip as well as shock proofing the edges and the back are coated with a grippy and absorbent silicon coating.  This helps keep it secure in your hands…but also protects it from damage in case a dog (or a clumsy friend) happens to knock it to the ground.Plus the panels are protected with a sheet of durable plastic for extra protection…and all internal electrical components are “shockproofed” so drops and crashes won’t damage your device.


Dimensions 3 inch by 5.5 inch by .5 inch
Lightweight And Compact:
Saving weight and easy portability are the name of the game when it comes to survival situations. And while the EasyPower Solar Powerbank delivers tons of backup power…it doesn’t take up much room and won’t add tons of extra weight. Weighing a mere 5.15 oz. it’s so light you’ll have trouble believing there’s really enough technology inside to deliver. Plus, it’s barely bigger than a cellphone. At just 5.5″ x 3″ x 0.5″ it’s compact enough that it’ll easily slide into a side-pocket, a glove compartment, or into a purse so you can take it with your anywhere!


It Charges 2 Devices At Once: Imagine a situation where 2 kids both have dead tablets and you need them to work so they’ll just be quiet! And as I mentioned earlier The EasyPower Solar Powerbank’s has dual charging ports, so that’ll never be an issue.

Just plug both devices in and the EasyPower Solar Powerbank will go to work charging both devices at the same time.

Illustration of the battery inside.It’s Got A HUGE Backup Battery: Depending on what kind of device you have the EasyPower Solar Powerbank will charge it over and over and over again.

The massive 5000 mAh battery has enough juice to completely recharge a power hungry smartphone more than 2.5 times. While all devices are unique the fact is the built in battery holds more than enough power to bring dead batteries back over and over.

** Note: while the EasyPower Solar Powerbank is 100% solar charged you can also plug it into a wall outlet, computer, or car adaptor and fill the battery there too!

EasyPower Solar Powerbank showing a mini flashlightBuilt IN LED Flashlight Lights Up the Night: In case you ever need to use the EasyPower Solar Powerbank at night it has a built in LED flashlight. This 50 lumen flashlight is extremely bright and will light up a room, a campsite, or an open field.

Arrow pointing at charging levelOnboard Power Makes It Super Easy To Use: Once you’ve placed the device in the sun (or plugged it in) the onboard power gauge will show you how much your pack is charged.

When the 4th bar stops blinking you’ve got 100% battery charge.

EasyPower Solar Powerbank clipped to a backpackCharges On The Move: Because you might need to charge your EasyPower Solar Powerbank while hiking, boating and more they have included a carabiner with the EasyPower Solar Powerbank. This sturdy carabiner fits through the the top loop on the device and will clip onto anything.

Hook it to your backpack while you hike, or hang it with the solar panels facing the sun and effortlessly generate FREE power.

These 7 reasons clearly show how useful the EasyPower Solar Powerbank would be for regular uses.


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